To be launched in emerging markets like India, Latin America and Africa the 501 is equipped with a new operating system and not the Windows Phone mobile OS. The smartphone is expected to start shipping from June 2013 and will be available through approximately 60 operators and in more than 90 countries worldwide.

According to Nokia, the Asha 501 is for those who like to access content through swipe. The phone comes with two main screen options – Home and Fastlane. The Home option is more of the traditional one with icon-based view like the interfaces in other Asha phones and is ideal for those who access one app or feature at a time. In contrast, the Fastlane view has been built specifically for those people who actually use their phone a lot. The Fastlane gives users easy access to recently accessed contacts, social networks and apps, unique to each user, said Nokia.

Another feature of the 501 is that Nokia Xpress Browser, which is known to compress Internet data by as much as 90 per cent, is pre-loaded onto the phone. This browser is ideal for faster web browsing with lower costs.