Redesigned Sunstone administration interface, new virtual machine options and interfaces, improvement in core components are few of the several features that OpenNebula Version 4.0 brings with it. The redesigned interface not only packs a modern look but, also brings with it the Sunstone Views options which would allow users to customize the interface as per their liking. The new views option is a replacement of the self-service portal that came with OpenNebula version 3.x and using this option administrators can customize what levels of access would users have for OpenNebula installation.

In terms of VM management version 4.0 comes with capabilities to take virtual machine snapshots including that of memory and disk. These snapshots can be reverted freely for running virtual machines. Version 4.0 also supports disk snapshots on live virtual machine; scheduling of operations on VMs; network interface cards hotplugging; undeploying of VMs while having the instance still defined that won’t consume any resources; capacity re-sizing; etc.

Some of the organizations that use the OpenNebula toolkit include the likes of the European Space Agency, CERN, China Mobile, Fermilab, etc. More information can be found in the release notes and OpenNebula 4.0 can be downloaded from the project’s website.