The entry level supercomputer is a bargain as compared to the liquid cooled $20 million behemoths that Cray sells. Starting at $500,000 the XC30-AC can cost up to $3 million depending upon the configuration a company goes for. Despite the low cost, according to Cray, the entry level XC30-AC is equipped with many of the same components as its costly siblings.

Ideal for companies which are into manufacturing of pharmaceutical products; oil and gas firms; smaller universities; research labs; and government agencies the XC30-AC is low priced because it is air-cooled and doesn’t require optical networking cables.

The new supercomputer is powered by Linux and comes with a compiler and other software tools necessary to build parallel code.

In an interview with InformationWeek Cray’s VP of storage & data management and corporate marketing Barry Bolding said, “We’re seeing a new wave of demand because companies are gathering more data and asking more complex questions than ever before.”