Intel is claiming that the new 22-nanometer SoC provides three times more performance while consuming five times less power compared to the current Atom range of processors. The silicon company stated that the new fabric supports up to eight cores and that SoC will offer more scalability across its range of products and market segments like intelligent systems, mobile devices, datacenters, and ultrabooks.

Silvemont may be the key for Intel when it comes to strengthening its mobile strategy which has been in the doldrums lately following competition from the likes of Qualcomm, ARM and others. According to Intel Silvermont will be first of the several family of cores that will see updates every year for next few years to come.

Some of the features of the new SoC are Out of Order Execution Engine; New IA instructions extensions; and new security and virtualization technologies.

The news comes just a few days after the company announced its next CEO – Brian Krzanich as the launch of Intel’s Haswell range of processors is already on the horizon.

You can find out more on Silvermont through Intel Next Generation Low Power Micro-Architecture – Webcast.