Ravi Mandalia – Founder, Editor

Ravi is an information security professional with a total of 5 years of industry exposure and is keen on research of new and improved security technologies. Ravi holds a Masters degree in Computer Network Security from Liverpool John Moores University, UK. Ravi has been actively a part of editorial groups of several news portals on the web. Ravi is keen on bringing the right news and analysis to people for which he has envisaged ParityNews.com

Email : ravi.mandalia[at]paritynews.com

Vinay Mandalia – Editor, Contributor

Vinay has been interested in writing since his college years. Having joined a reputed banking institution he published regular daily internal briefings, monthly & quarterly magazines on everything banking and how technology influences banking. Vinay has now taken to full time writing and has interests in business and technology in general. Vinay has been actively involved in the shaping up the overall content of ParityNews.com

Email: vinay.mandalia[at]paritynews.com

Mittal Mandalia – Contributor

Mittal is technology savvy and has been interested in Mobiles, Social Networking since her teens. Mittal has been actively involved in the design of ParityNews.com and has assisted Ravi from day one. With her interests in Social Networking and the web, she has made it a point to cover social network and web news as and when something important happens.

Email: mittal.mandalia[at]paritynews.com


Abhishek Gohel – Contributor

Abhishek eats, drinks, sleeps gadgets. Everything consumer electronics interests him. Having bought every major smartphone out there, he has taken up writing as a part time activity while pursuing his studies. Smartphones and tablets are his interest areas. If its any of these two, he is there to cover about it.

Email: abhishek.gohel[at]paritynews.com


Chris– News Writer

Chris has been writing about tech related stuff for quite a few years now and says that, ever since he was a child, he was interested by all sorts of gadgets, giving some false hopes to his parents regarding becoming an engineer. Fortunately for out site, he didn’t, so we have a writer with a major in psychology that loves his work and, hopefully, some of our readers for appreciating it. Oh, he also considers himself as being a very funny and spontaneous guy, saying he’d love to have a friend exactly like him, but he kinda lacks humbleness (and friends, since he spends so much time on the internet).

So much for being perfect, eh ?

Email: gigifenomen[at]gmail.com

Gary Fildes – Guest Writer

Gary Fildes has 10+ years experience in the IT Industry and is an MCT Technical Trainer and Lead Instructor for Windows 8 Training at Firebrand.




Ahmed HumayunNews Writer

Ahmed is a medical student but his love for the gadgets has forced him to dedicate his free time to technology. He has been writing reviews and news for about 6 years now for leading tech blogs and sites. He loves to try out every new gadget he gets his hands on. Smartphones, tablets and laptops are his areas of interest and he keeps a strict eye on all the happenings in the technology world. He is also the owner of an online gadget store in Pakistan and he loves his work!

Email: dr.ahmed_humayun[at]live.com


 Megha KediaNews Writer

Megha has in her what it requires to be a good news writer. A post graduate student, Megha has a great passion for writing. She is a freelance writer with an experience of more than two years. Megha covers all business news and being a gadget freak, she loves to write about them occasionally.

Gail TongcoNews Writer

Gail is from the beautiful islands of Philippines. She has acquired a Bachelor’s Degree on International Studies from Xavier University and her areas of interest are recent trends in technology. Gail is an experienced blogger with several years of experience.