The latest hack comes from Wiikey and according to the Wii hackers they have managed to find a new mechanism to hack the Wii U that would allow gamers to play using USB media – a hack that would definitely promote piracy.

WiiKey has revealed that their latest Wii U hack key dubbed WiiKeÜ works on gaming console from any region and requires no soldering whatsoever. The device, which is similar to WiiKey device used to hack the original Wii, simply connects to the Wii U via the USB port.

The hacking and homebrew community has been behind the gaming console since the original Wii was released working away to find methods to run games and other media using a USB drive. The community has managed to find ways to add a Homebrew Channel to the Wii U that allows users to download apps not licensed by Nintendo.

The main hindrance that the homebrew community faces is users are still not able to burn games on recordable disks as Nintendo has built the copy protection directly into the Blu-Ray drive which makes software hacks difficult.

Back in November last year it was claimed that Wii U had been jailbroken and that it allows users to play pirated games as well as run unauthorized software.