Samsung claimed that the new LPDDR3 DRAM for mobile devices provides performance that is comparable to the standard DRAM used in desktop PCs. This performance makes it an attractive solution for all those smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices that tend to offer multimedia-intensive features.

The LPDDR3 is capable to transmitting data at up to 2,133 Mbps per pin making it twice more powerful when it comes to performance as compared to its predecessor DRAM (LPDDR2) that only had a transmission rate of 800Mbps per pin revealed Samsung.

There is a 30-nm variant of LPDDR3 also available but in comparison, the 20-nm LPDD3 provides 30 per cent greater performance at 20 per cent less power the Korean electronics giant added. Samsung further said that OEMs have the option of going for a 2GB package that would include four new chips packed together in a single package.

The Galaxy maker did say that it will be increasing the production of the new DRAM chips later in 2013 but, didn’t divulge more information.