Largely worked upon by openSUSE developers, the Open Build Service 2.4 brings with it support for new package formats as well as Secure Boot Signing and appstream app stores. The OBS took a year of development and comes with a new constraint system that better matches build hardware to build jobs while provide a lot of improvement in terms of speed.

Digging deeper into the packaging format, the OBS 2.4 now support building of packages in PKGBUILD format used by popular Arch Linux distribution. This is in addition to already supported RPM and DEB packaging formats thereby making it possible for developers to build and ship software in binary format for all major Linux distributions.

The reason for inclusion of secure boot signing is that there is a great demand for signing of individual files like the bootloader, drivers, etc. because of use of these files inside of UEFI secure boot. The OBS sign daemon has been extended with this functionality.

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