Microsoft’s competitor Amazon Web Services raked in over $1.8 billion (estimated) last year. Amazon’s key strength under its AWS umbrella of services is Infrastructure-as-a-Service which it has been offering since its inception. Microsoft has also started offering IaaS service starting this year alongside Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) thereby giving its customers the option of deploying virtual machines of their liking. Microsoft also added Android support to Windows Azure Mobile Service in March this year.

Redmond has quite a few other verticals that rake in over a billion dollars a year in business including the three mentioned above – SQL Server, Visual Studio, Dynamics, Xbox, and Online Advertising. If Microsoft’s plans go well, Office 365 will also be joining the club sometime this year.

All is not green though as earlier this year Microsoft Azure suffered 12 hours of outage because of an expired SSL certificate which Microsoft had seemingly forgotten to renew. On the other hand Amazon has been busy giving Microsoft a run for its money when earlier this month it reduced its Windows Cloud Pricing by as much as 26 per cent.