Using the latest version of GDB, developers can not only set and show print type methods and print type definitions, they can also print size of the trace buffer; toggle debug settings for AArch64; along with quite a few other options. Developers have added a new command target record-btrace which uses hardware support to record the control flow of a process.

GDB 7.6 also comes with support for Python 3. Through Python scripting one can create vectors using gdb.Type.vector; and pretty-print types via the Python API. A new class – gdb.Architecture, reveals internal representation of the architecture in the Python API as seen by GDB. Using the Frame.architecture method one can return the gdb.Architecture object corresponding to the frame’s architecture.

Some new commands added to the GDB are catch signal; maint info bfds; python-interactive; and enable/disable type-printer. Native configurations like ARM AArch64 GNU/Linux, FreeBSD/powerpc, and Tilera TILE-Gx GNU/Linux have been added to GDB 7.6. The latest version of the debugger also comes with new target configuration including ARM AArch64, ARM AArch64 GNU/Linux, and x86_64/Cygwin among others. GDB can be downloaded from project’s FTP server and has been licensed under the GPLv3.

Find the release announcement here.