The alpha version brings with it all the features of Fedora 19 including the updated desktop options – GNOME 3.8, KDE Plasma 4.10 and MATE 1.6. Some of the new features included in Alpha release are Developer’s Assistant – a tool that would allow developers to code easily with ready templates, samples and more; OpenShift Origin – using which users will be able to deploy their own Platform-as-a-Service infrastructure; Ruby 2.0.0; Scratch; Syslinux – provides for simplified booting of Fedora; systemd Resource Control – which allows for modification of service settings without requiring a reboot; and Checkpoint & Restore.

The Alpha release has been made available for anyone to test and point out bugs, which when resolved will enable the team to release Fedora 19 beta. The second release, beta, will be more or less a code-complete version which will bear a “strong resemblance to the third and final release.”

Initially pitched for late June launch, the Fedora 19 Final is now slated for early July release with beta expected somewhere around late May. You can find the Fedora 19 Alpha release announcement on the mailing list.