Mailbox has received quite a lot of attention over the last few weeks and some deem the app as one of the best mail client for iPhone. The app has been described as being simple, efficient and handy and allows users to respond to emails rapidly. The app also allows users to delete unnecessary email or even transfer the mails from and to the inbox in no time.

Up until now the app had a queue system where users had to wait for some time before they were allowed to download it. The reason Mailbox cited was that they were preparing their servers to handle the influx of users. It seems that Mailbox has got everything under control and have announced their readiness to handle huge amounts of message in a day.

“After 10 weeks of around-the-clock hard work, our engineering team has scaled the Mailbox service to deliver over 100 million messages per day (and growing),” noted Mailbox in a blog post.