Brian Kennish, an ex-Google engineer, started working on Disconnect a couple of years ago. Disconnect, which works on Chrome and Firefox, will install a plug-in on either of the browser and once active stops third parties from tracking users as they browse the web. Disconnect currently blocks about 2000 companies known to track users online – most of them known to track users to service targeted ads.

Kennish told The New York Times’ Bits blog that through Disconnect they are basically stopping flow of user data as it bounces around the web. “Third-party retargeters are not going to have information about you”, said Kennish.

The ex-Google engineer might have better insights into user tracking and targeted online advertising as compared to others and that’s what Kennish is probably making use of. Kennish hasn’t put a fix price on the service and users can pay whatever they wish to and they even have the option of designating a portion of the payment to charity.