Citing requirement of interoperability between evolving standards and Brendan Eich of Mozilla, Hardy – Director of engineering for the Web Platform at Adobe said that the company actively contributes to Web standards and browser implementation like WebKit, Gecko and Chromium and will continue to do so as “the web needs multiple implementations of its evolving standards to keep them interoperable”.

Hardy noted in a blog post that it has become increasingly important that WebKit, Blink and other such browser engines are interoperable with each other and contributing code to open source browsers is one of the ways to achieve that interoperability.

Adobe has been using Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) as the rendering engine for its Edge Tools and this is the reason why the Photoshop maker is looking to contribute to Blink. Further, it has interests in ensuring that new features for the web are available in open source browsers like Firefox and that’s the reason it will continue to contribute in WebKit.