Back in August 2012 Gottfrid was deported to Sweden and it was believed that he would be serving rest of the prison time for his involvement in the Pirate Bay. But as soon as he landed it was clear that the authorities had other things in mind whereby they claimed that Gottfrid was involved in hacking related activities.

Today Henry Olin of the International Public Prosecution Office in Stockholm charged Gottfrid and three other suspects with several hacking related offenses including serious fraud, attempted aggravated fraud, and aiding attempted aggravated fraud. Olin said, “The data breaches involve very large amounts of data from companies and governments, including extensive personal data such as social security numbers and private details.”

Gottfrid along with the other defendants is said to have hacked the Nordea Bank and attempted to transfer 5.7 million Kronor ($900,000) to different accounts. Svartholm was successful in transferring only 27,000 Kronor that belonged to a Danish trade union. Evidences have been collected from a seized computer and chat logs between Gottfrid and other defendants. Svartholm’s Pirate Bay sentence will be completed by late May and that’s when a trial for hacking charges has been scheduled.

“Offenses of fraud and attempted fraud are worsened when preceded by sophisticated hacking, were systematic, were intended to have significant cost and impact on public confidence in the payment system and were of a particularly dangerous nature,” the prosecution writes in the indictment.