Linux 3.9-rc6 was released last Sunday and at the time Torvalds noted that the Linux 3.9 was just a couple of weeks away and that the rc7 would probably the last release candidate for 3.9. This Sunday’s release means that 3.9 may be released sometime next week but, Torvalds hasn’t revealed anything about this in rc7 release announcement.

Linux 3.9-rc7 comes with quite a few kernel level fixes but, the most prominent among them is the one that resolves a rare issue that only affects 32-bit PAE systems. The bug affects end-users and Torvalds suspects that the TLB invalidate bug may be triggering bad page-table errors in Google Chrome. Torvalds hasn’t been able to verify if the rc7 actually fixes the bug or not. He recommends those affected by the bug to try the rc7 to check if the bug has been actually resolved.