Earlier we had reported that Google proposed a settlement wherein it would alter its results page such that for each of the search result where its own services are returned it will show links to three competing services for that product. Taking an example if the search results had a link to Google+ service Google would clearly indicate that it was a Google owned service and in the results page it would put up links for Yelp, Facebook and Pinterest. The proposal terms haven’t been made public though.

The proposal also stated that Google would leave out a few services from this settlement as they were specialized services and companies were paying Google to have their links show up on those services.

It seems that EU has agreed to the proposed terms as Antoine Colombani, EU spokesman, said on Monday that Google has formally submitted its proposal to address concerns raised by the Commission. The proposed remedies will be tested in a wider market and competitors will be given the chance to comment upon the proposed terms.

If the proposed terms are accepted by rivals, Google would avoid paying damages to the tune of 10 per cent of its global annual turnover which in 2011 would have been $3.8 billion.