Google has been on EU’s radar since 2010 after its rivals like Microsoft alleged that the company was involved in anti-competitive behavior. Rivals have alleged that Google is abusing its dominant position in the search market and promotes its own service through its search results over competing products and services.

According to a report on the Wall Street Journal, Google has submitted a set of proposal sometime last week, details of which haven’t been made public yet. Google proposes that it would “make users clearly aware” of its own services and when it is promoting its own specialized products using special labels, sources have told the WSJ. Given that, if Google promotes its service like the Google+, it will also display three relevant links of competitors like Yelp, Facebook or TripAdvisor, the WSJ reported.

Mountain View is going to leave out a few of its specialized search sites out of this purview of the proposed settlement terms though. According to the report Google will not be including Google Shopper and Google Flight like services wherein participants pay for listings. But, if rivals sites are looking to have their listings added, they can do so by paying for it.

Google is not going to make any changes to its search algorithm though and will only add a mechanism to identify Google’s services.