The Foundation announced that the weekly production has shot up to 40,000 units in the UK factory alone and that the number is ‘set to climb further.’ The Foundation is optimistic about the Welsh factory and said there will be “more Made in the U.K. Pis in the world than their Made in China cousins.” The Foundation didn’t reveal anything else apart from this but, we already know that it sold the millionth Pi back in January.

Gerald Kelly, the GM at Sony’s Pencoed plant said that the output of 38,000 units per week, as it stands now, is just the beginning. According to Kelly, the Welsh factory will achieve production of 1,000,000 units sometime in July and that the rev3 of the Raspberry Pi and accessories like the camera board will hit production line soon. “The future is about higher volumes, a second generation Pi and accessories such as a camera board”, said Kelly.

The Raspberry Pi hit the US shelves sometime during last week of March and was sold out in a very short amount of time.