With a flurry of negative ratings Facebook Home seems to have struck the wrong chord with users and as of this writing the overall score for the launcher is just 2.5 with 1973 ratings. Check out the latest review stats here.

Some users are of the opinion that Facebook Home is a backwards step in technology and the general sentiment is dissatisfaction towards the manner in which the lockscreen has been replaced with a rolling feed of pictures and other personal information from users’ friends on the social network. Some are also concerned that Home is prioritizing Facebook apps over other Android apps. There are those who find it difficult to use Facebook Home for more than five minutes. “You have to be a complete facebook junkee to use this for more than 5 minutes,” notes one user.

But all is not gloomy in the Facebook land as there are those who have given Home a 5 star rating considering that they are happy with what the app is doing. Users who have given high ratings to the app are of the opinion that Facebook Home does actually what it is supposed to do and those who have given bad ratings haven’t understood the use of Facebook Home.

“On my samsung galaxy 3. Brings life to my android phone. Was getting tried seeing apps all day” wrote one user.