Announcing the acquisition through a blog post LinkedIn has finally put all the rumours involving the two companies to rest. LinkedIn said that the reason behind acquiring Pulse was that it wants the professional network to be a “definitive professional publishing platform” and that Pulse is “a perfect complement to this vision.”

LinkedIn has over 100 million users from over 200 countries and has been one of the fastest growing professional network companies.

Akshay Kothari and Ankit Gupta founded Pulse back in 2009 while they were still students at Stanford University. Initially being offered as an iPad app, Pulse quickly expanded to other platforms including the web. The news reader has managed to garner 30 million users worldwide and has content from over 750 publishers. Pulse had been trying to experiment with social features and the acquisition by LinkedIn would surely boost the social aspects of the news reader.

Kothari noted in an announcement, “Pulse apps will remain the same, and our two teams are excited to work together to create cool and useful new offerings.”

Content aggregation is catching on at a rapid pace some of the recent high profile acquisitions – Yahoo buying Summly for reportedly $30 million – point to this trend.