Back in 2011 US authorities went after IMAGiNE for pirating movies, some of which were still running in theaters at the time. Members of the group have since then been given prison terms ranging from 23 months to up to five years.

Homeland Security Investigations agents raided Ferrer’s home in Florida on September 8 in 2011 and seized computers, his cellphones and quite a lot of other evidences. Ferrer has been co-operative from day one and admitted that he was aware of UnleashTheNet – group’s torrent website and that he had paid for a server in France. The 41-year old almost admitted to using “bigdaddykane” nickname.

Ferrer plead guilty of willful copyright infringement charges and admitted that he had been part of the piracy group from April 2010 to September 2011. Some of the movies cammed and released by the group include Captain America: The First Avenger and Fright Night.

Beyond the 23 months jail time, Ferrer has been sentenced to three years supervised release and has been asked to pay $15,000 in restitution. Brad Newell who had been the cammer for the group received 48 months jail term back in 2010. Sean Lovelady of California received a 23 month sentence and Willie Lambert of Pennsylvania received a 30 month prison sentence in November of 2012. Gregory Cherwonik, 53-year old group sysop of New York, was jailed for 40 months. Following that just at the start of this year, Jeramiah B. Perkins who had been leading the pirate pack was sentenced to 60 months in prison notes TorrentFreak.

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