Announcing the development through a blog post, Rockmelt revealed that it is shifting its focus to its mobile apps and a new web-based product, which currently under the invite-only phase. You may head onto TechCrunch as they are in possession of such an invite link. According to Rockmelt it still loves its browser with built-in social capabilities and that it did manage to create quite a stir in the browser market. The company however notes that it couldn’t compete with Google Chrome’s momentum because of which it is giving up on the idea of continuing its social browser.

Rockmelt, managed by ex-Netscape engineers and backed by Marc Andreessen, managed to gain somewhere around 4 million+ registration by the end of 2012 following which it shifted its attention to mobile platforms. It launched Rockmelt for iPad and then later on for the iPhone which basically went about displaying updates from friends and posts from subscribed sites in a Pinterest-style grid. The apps didn’t top the App Store charts but, Rockmelt is of the opinion that thousands of users are currently using the app.

The existing Rockmelt browser will be announced as end-of-line few months down the line and the company said that “well before that point comes, we will give you plenty of notice and help you transition all your stuff like bookmarks.”