According to a report on ZDNet the Office for iOS has been delayed till next year and the same stands true for the android variant of the productivity suite. There have been leaks that were indicative of existence of an Office for iOS.

The leak didn’t point to any pricing information or the manner in which it will be provided to users. Microsoft has been busy shifting Office users to a subscription model through its Office 365 offering and Office for iOS may very well follow similar such model. There were reports earlier that pointed to existence of Microsoft Outlook for Surface RT.

If the report by ZDNet is true, an 18 month delay of Office for iOS would definitely leave a huge dent in Microsoft’s profits as according to some estimates Redmond is losing out on somewhere around $2 Billion in revenue for want of Office for iOS.

There were also talks of Project Gemini being worked upon by Microsoft. Dubbed as a special project, it will include the four essential office programs, the Excel, Word, One Note and PowerPoint. Gemini will be released on the next wave of Windows tablets.