According to a report from IDC, half of the tablets shipped in 2012 were either 8-inches or smaller in size. one of the sources of WSJ indicated that Microsoft wasn’t planning to produce 7-inch tablet up untill last year but because of the current trend in the market the Windows 8 maker had to dive in. Apple, which initially wasn’t showing any interest in the smaller tablet segment, came out with its 7.9-inch iPad Mini last year.

As of now, Microsoft’s revenue is getting affected because the declining sales of laptops and desktops. People seemingly prefer to buy tablet PCs because it is more easy to carry and more trendy. Gartner, in its recent report, indicated that said PC sales had declined in two digit percentage.

Experts are of the opinion that one of the reasons why Microsoft’s sales have declined is because of its latest operating system – Windows 8. The Windows 7 successor is a touchscreen friendly platform and with more and users preferring mobile devices and the lack of impressive hardware that support Windows 8, Microsoft’s sales are on a downslide. Another thing that consumers don’t like about Windows 8 is its relative complexity as compared to Android and iOS.

Microsoft has been continually releasing patches to fix bugs on Surface tablets, which indicates that Redmond hasn’t got a grip on it’s the tablet scene completely.