Along with end of support for Windows XP three other Microsoft products will also see their support being yanked – Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP, Exchange Server 2003 and Office 2003 on April 8, 2014. Exchange 2003 SP2 won’t be supported but, newer service packs will still be supported.

Going by the statistics, as of now 38 per cent of internet users still have Windows XP loaded onto their systems. Experts are of the opinion that they will remain on the OS and will not be migrating anytime soon – meaning that they will remain vulnerable to malware attacks and possibly zero-day attacks. Windows XP has been the most successful operating system from Microsoft till date.

Microsoft may possibly have to re-think its strategy about not supporting Windows XP just to keep the 38 per cent happy and retain them as user. Considering that Microsoft hasn’t been able to implement some kind of transition plan for Windows XP users luring them to another Windows version a few more months is hardly going to make any difference.