Announcing the update over its Google Ads Developer blog, Google noted “the SDK completes the transition away from UDID, which began with version 6.2, in compliance with relevant Apple policies.” Beyond the move away from UDID, the update also brings with it quite a few maintenance and bug fixes.

Apple had announced in late March that it will stop accepting apps that use unique device identifier (UDID) from May 1 and had advised developers to update their apps such that they don’t use UDID anymore. Google has updated its AdMob SDK well in advance of this deadline thereby giving app developers enough time to go about updating their apps as required by Apple’s privacy policy.

UDID is a great tool for advertisers who are looking to garner detailed information about users in a bid to serve them targeted ads. The entire mechanism raised privacy concerns and following an iOS tracking debacle in 2012 Apple started cutting off access to the data. A year has passed since Apple started rejecting apps for using the UDID and with its recent announcement, blanket rejections may start May 1.

Apple initially announced its intentions of removing UDID access back in August 2011 with tighter restrictions slated with the launch of iOS 5.