According to statistical and analytical research carried out by Verisign – the global registry for .com and .net domains – the applications for top level domain (TLD) names have been up by 12 per cent year on year. The last three months of 2012 witnessed registrations of over six million new domain names marking a 2.5 per cent increase year over year.

Verisign notes in its April 2013 DIB [PDF] that over 40 per cent of the websites were registered with either a .com or .net TLD totaling to a whopping 8 million in the fourth quarter of 2012. The other TLDs in the order of their popularity are: “com, .de (Germany), .net, .tk (Tokelau), .uk (United Kingdom), .org, .cn (China), .info, .nl (Netherlands) and .ru (Russian Federation).”

The analysis by Versign might not make ICANN happy as it is busy urging companies to adopt different domain names instead of the TLDs like .com and .net. ICANN had announced the winners of the first round of new gTLDs in the third week of March.