To be available on all major UK mobile service operators – O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Three, TalkMobile as well as the Carphone Warehouse, Q10 will be available on a two year contract for £36 per month. The handset will also be available in a sim-free version and will cost £580. Q10 will be released in UK ahead of any other country in the world.

Q10 boasts of a physical QWERTY keyboard, which has been one of the best features of BlackBerry smartphones, and also supports 4G network. Because of the high price tag, the device will directly compete with other high-end smartphones like the iPhone 5, HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4.

BlackBerry hasn’t announced release dates for the Q10 for any other part of the world and as of now UK is the only region where Q10 will be available. It is also said that BlackBerry will be releasing low cost variants for OS 10 powered smartphones for developing countries.