GameStick knocked the doors of Kickstarter earlier this year and managed to gather a whopping $647,658, over six times that of the $100,000 target. PlayJam, the company behind the console, has started shipping the Dev console to 600 who had signed up for it. The company also announced that it has signed up strategic deals with Amlogic and ARM which will enable it to promote the product across the huge eco-system of the two companies.

Early backers of GameStick are in for bad news though. The consoles were meant to ship in late April but, the shipments have been delayed to last week of June. The reason according to PlayJam is that the consoles would require stronger tooling as compared to silicon based moulds of the dev consoles. Following the mechanical tooling, which is expected to finish by second week of June, the units will be assembled, tested and then packed.

PlayJam notes that because of the sheer increase in the number of units, it won’t be able to afford the air freight and it will be going for sea based shipments instead which will add to the overall delay.

Those who pledged their money on Kickstarter are seemingly not impressed. The general tone in the comments section of the project’s page is of huge disappointment. Backers believe that PlayJam has received a huge order from somewhere else and that is what is causing the delay in shipments.

back in February PlayJam started taking pre-orders for the device.