While all other *buntu variants followed the older release cycles, Canonical didn’t release any beta version for Ubuntu 13.04. The current release marks the 13.04 beta for desktop, server, cloud as well as core products.

Announcing the release Steve Langasek noted that the 13.04 release continues Ubuntu’s tradition of rolling out easy-to-use Linux distributions by “integrating the latest and greatest open source technologies” available out there. The final release of Ubuntu 13.04 is expected to launch on April 25.

The other *buntu derivatives – Edubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu Studio and Xubuntu also reached their final beta status along with the Raring Ringtal. Langasek welcomed two new flavours – UbuntuKylin and Ubuntu Gnome – which are “participating in the Ubuntu release process for the first time.”

You can download the latest beta of different flavors of Ubuntu 13.04 here.