Increasing popularity of the company’s 30 smartphone models has helped in achieving increased shipment rates that has led to record sales in the first quarter. Reuters cited reports by five analysts which said that Samsung’s smartphone shipments increased to up to 70 million this quarter as against previous year’s last quarter shipments which stood at 63 million. iPhone shipments saw a decline and were recorded to be down 30 per cent at around 30 million from last quarter’s 47.8 million shipments, said the analysts.

Reportedly Samsung’s Note and Galaxy S series smartphones sales have led to increased earnings, but Lee Sun-tae, NH Investment & Securities analyst informed Reuters that Samsung will mainly rely on the Galaxy Pop and The Rex model mid-tier handsets in order to maintain its sales momentum in the highly competitive smartphone market. Samsung’s low priced handsets will also support the company to compete in the rapidly growing smartphone market.

According to a Reuter’s survey, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 model which will be released at the end of this month may boost up the company’s present quarter earnings to a record all time high of around 9.7 trillion won.

Some analysts are even predicting the Samsung’s earnings to go down because of the increasing production costs of its devices.