According to a comments made by Daring Fireball’s John Gruber in a Branch conversation, development of “iOS 7 is running behind” and that engineers from other OS X team have been pulled to catch up with the timeline. Rene Ritchie of iMore also joined the conversation and according to him Jony Ive’s work would make a lot of people happy but, would probably make those designers sad who are into rick textures.

According to Gruber, Ivy’s work is probably carrying a classification of top secret and iOS engineers may have the privilege of testing the OS while they are out of Apple campus but, their iPhones will carry polarization filter which would greatly reduce the viewing angle thereby reducing the risk of any peekaboo before the official announcement.

Apple has released major versions of iOS preceding that of a new iPhone. Taking the example of iOS 6, it was released in September 2012 just before the release of iPhone 5. Release of iOS 5 preceded that of iPhone 4S. There have been instances where a major iOS version has been release during summer and with rumours that iPhone 5S is destined for summer this year, there are all the chances that Apple may push a little hard to get the iOS 7 out before the 5S.