Just last week the company had filed a lengthy statement with the US SEC which wasn’t straightforward when it came to explaining company’s plans. Earlier, Round Rock a Texas based company had filed a Form PREM14A with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission wherein it explained in detail to the shareholders some of the company’s major reasons for turning private and what would be Dell’s future after everything is done.

Through the filing, executives of the company tried to outline both an expected forecast of the future of the computer industry and also an insight into the future of the founder and the current CEO of the company.

Dell’s future has been questioned along with the legacy of Michael Dell. It was also speculated that Michael will be replaced by ex-HP chief Mark Hurd.

The latest memo, which can be found on Fortune, is seemingly an attempt by Dell to take the company’s employees into confidence by addressing them directly. Dell has discussed company’s business expanding plans, tablet investment plans as well as sales personnel recruitment plans.