Texas based Allied Electronics is the first local retailer selling the Raspberry Pi in the US. There were companies selling the Raspberry Pi over eBay to US users for a higher price tag earlier. The device went on sale across Europe about two months back. Asia saw the launch of Model A about a month ago.  

Model A has been sold out completely and as of this writing there is zero availability of the Raspberry Pi.

Model A is a budget version of the already cheap Raspberry Pi and the reason for a reduced price tag is that it doesn’t have an Ethernet port and comes with just a single USB port. The benefit of absence of the a USB and Ethernet port means that the Model A just needs a third of the power as compared to Model B.

Raspberry Pi has garnered a lot of following and reportedly sold its millionth unit back in January. Just recently the largest distributor of Raspberry Pi in the UK announced that the production of $35 credit card sized computer is moving back to Wales in a bid to cope up with the ever increasing demand of the educational computer in western countries.

Raspberry Pi is also set to receive a camera module that will cost $25 for which the Foundation has also announced a camera challenge.