To be available in US, Canada and UK, the Android based gaming console will be available through online retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Target for $99.99. Ouya will also be offering the console on its store and if those willing to get their hands onto the console before June 4 may pre-order it from as well.

Julie Uhrman, Ouya CEO said in a statement, “Nine months ago, we shared an idea for an immersive, beautiful and powerful game console that generated an outpouring of support from game developers, gamers, technology enthusiasts, and more.”

“With that, we set out to bring the Ouya concept to life, and today, we’re delivering,” she added.

Ouya package contains a cube shaped mini-gaming console that has an on-board Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset and a controller. Users can buy extra controllers for $49.99. Some of the key specs of the console are 8GB flash memory, 1GB RAM, HDMI out and Bluetooth. The console support 1080p HD resolution.

Ouya has teamed up with quite a few game developers like Square Enix and Namco Bandai for different genre games ranging from action to indie.