Chris Norden who is the senior staff engineer at Sony’s strategy team announced that, “There’s also going to be a very large hard drive in every console.” It seems that Sony has learnt a good lesson from its past experience with the PlayStation 3 which was available with just 20GB or 60GB hard drive. Although the players were given the choice to upgrade the hard drive with any standard size 2.5” drive but paying extra money is always a pain for the consumers.

The main reason behind using a very large hard drive in PlayStation 4 would be to make practical use of Sony’s “play-as-you-download” feature. Gamers can now begin downloading and playing games without the need to back up and restore the data if more space is needed.

This will also help Sony to reduce the loading times in their next console but company will face some challenges too. Gamers living in countries where it is very difficult to find a stable and cheap internet connection will surely find it difficult to adopt the upcoming PS4.