Earlier eMarketer predicted Twitter’s revenue for the year 2014 to stand at $800 million but the market research company, after considering the social media company’s gradually increasing mobile ad revenues, had to revise its estimates. EMarketer has revealed that that looking at Twitter’s increasing trend of mobile ad revenues, the company by 2015 will be capable of raking worldwide mobile revenue of around $1.33 billion.  

This year it is expected that Twitter will earn near about $308.9 million from its ad revenues with 83 per cent of the total revenue coming solely from U.S. advertisers. By the next year the ad revenues is expected to grow $551 million and by 2015 it will be as high as $811.4. In 2014, Twitter is also planning to come out with an IPO.

EMarketer report says that as Twitter’s competitors including Google and Facebook have shifted their focus mainly on mobile phones and have expanded their mobile advertisement offerings, Twitter has been immensely benefited from it.