A U.S. judge earlier this month had cut down the damages to $450m citing that certain devices do not fulfill the legal parameters. However, in a recent court filing, Apple’s legal counsel wrote that the company respects the courts order which grant Apple to file for reconsideration and the court will also reconsider its judgment given on March 1.

In the court filing, Apple has picked an argument against the court’s March 1 order to reduce the damages price as claimed by the company. Earlier this month, Judge Lucy Koh, had ordered to cut $450m from Apple’s damage claims saying that certain Samsung devices which were accused of infringing patents of Apple Company, failed to fulfill the legal parameters and should not have been dragged into the case.

Judge Koh also argued that Samsung’s Galaxy X2 and Infuse 4G’s sale which occurred prior to the stipulated time period as mentioned in the court filings should be kept out of the case.

Appealing against the court’s orders, Apple is now saying that the judge is incorrect. Apple is claiming that several Samsung documents reveal that the sales had arisen within the stipulated time period only and that the sales should be covered in the case.

Koh will now be reviewing Apple’s appeal and if the Judge rules in favor of Apple Samsung may be liable to pay damages in tune of $685 million.