If this turns out to be true, we may not get our hands on the Retina iPad Mini which is rumored for March. Instead Munster has indicated that we may see the updates for iPad Mini or iTunes coming in April, but no major product will be announced until iPhone 5S lands in late June.

Munster predicted that a cheaper iPhone will be announced in September through a deal with China Mobile which is the largest telecom company in China with more than 703 million subscribers.

According to Gene Munster Appple HDTV will come this year, “no question whether it’s a set-top box versus a TV, it’s an actual TV,” he added.

Gene also thinks that Apple’s rumored iWatch will not come until 2014. Talk of the web town indicates that Apple iwatch which will most likely to run tweaked iOS version. With many companies jumping the smartwatch bandwagon, it is likely that the wearable gadget will dominate some parts of the phone market within 5 to 10 years.