Both the companies are preparing their arguments they plan to put forward during the jury trial next month over their Itanium lawsuit. Last month, HP officials revealed that the company may be planning to claim $4 billion in damages saying that Oracle’s announcement of 2011 of discontinuing support for Itanium platform was a blow to its high-end server business.

HP claimed that Oracle’s 2011 move was more or less a contemptuous one as it had bought Sun Microsystems and was indirectly trying to promote its Solaris platform.

Oracle counter claimed that HP has misled not only its customers but the whole industry by not being truthful about the future of Itanium and that the database company had lost $95 million in revenue because of dishonesty of HP.

Last year Santa Clara County Court ruled in favor of HP saying that Oracle had breached the contract obligations and ordered Oracle to resume developing Itanium software for HP. Oracle Executives agreed to the court’s order and resumed making software for HP, but they also appealed against the court’s judgment.

HP officials have however said that the company’s business has been considerably harmed and sales for the quarter have fallen by up to 38 per cent following Oracle’s announcement. HP is among one of the largest Itanium users buying more than around 90 per cent of the total.

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