Reportedly a partner version, build 9364, was compiled sometime in the middle of the month. The build comes with quite a few changes hinting at Microsoft’s plans of incorporating heavy differences in Windows Blue. Screenshots were posted on Winforum and from the looks of it Microsoft is going to replace the large tiles of Windows 8 with smaller tile arrangement while providing greater control over personalization options.

From the screenshots it is evident that the desktop is going to be larger than that of Windows 8 and Redmond is busy building additional Snap Views into the Windows 8 successor. The Snap Views, a 50/50 view and four apps snap view, will allow users to place apps side-by-side in the Windows 8 view.

Microsoft is probably concentrating on the screen settings as the screenshots reveal that all settings options will be made readily available ensuring that tablet users wouldn’t need to navigate to the desktop control panel to change the settings around.

Presence of SkyDrive options indicate that Windows Blue might have greater integration with Microsoft’s cloud storage service with options like auto camera uploads. Internet Explorer 11 can also be sighted in one of the screenshots. Considering that tabs are visible on the browser, Microsoft may be looking to incorporate tabs on other Windows Blue devices as well.