A total of 27 domain names have been cleared for use by ICANN and all of them are non-English domain names. Comprising of Chinese and Arabic names, the domain names seem to be mostly for regional companies; among which prominent are .Qatartelecom and .Mozaic domains.

Announcing the development through a press release, ICANN reiterated the amount of efforts and time that have been spent for the development and implementation of policies to bring about innovation and diversity in the Domain Name System. ICANN dubbed the milestone as an important element for the continued evolution of the Internet.

“This is not only an important and exciting moment in the New gTLD Program but also in the continuing evolution of the internet”, noted ICANN.

ICANN’s plans of rolling out new domain names haven’t been treading over smooth lanes as the project was initially marred with technical issues followed by registration delays and ultimately a data leak that forced the initial applicants to go through the registration process again. If this wasn’t enough, management restructuring shook the ICANN.

The list of approved names can be found here.