The real strength of the California based corporation lies in its digital entertainment which anyway requires a lot of space. During 2012’s third quarter, both iCloud and iTunes match accounted for nearly 27 per cent of the total cloud storage usage in the United States.

Digital media’s Director at Strategy Analytics, Ed Barton, pointed out in the report that how in the war for cloud storage domination music has become the key battleground. Google, Apple and Amazon are all against each other arguing that they have the largest and the most popular and successful online digital media and entertainment market places.

But surprisingly neither Google nor Amazon occupy the second position after Apple, it is Dropbox with 45 per cent cloud storage music users standing at the second spot after Apple. Dropbox accounts for around 17 per cent of U.S.’s total cloud media usage, running ahead of Amazon with two percentage points only.

Barton said that this reflects that in order to build up a large user base, it is not at all essential to have an integrated content storefront. All other cloud storage companies might face a strong challenge from Dropbox in the coming few years, he added.