Schmidt said he is worried that India is making the same mistake as other companies have made by resting on their “laurels without understanding how quickly technology changes.” By saying this Schmidt was indicating that India lacks in fiber optic connectivity, the connectivity which has been acknowledged as high speed Internet’s future.

When asked by Managing Editor of CNBC TV 18, Senthil Chengalvarayan, why was the Internet Revolution side stepping India, he answered that India’s net connectivity has always been weak. There is lack of undersea cables to handle bandwidth, lack of fiber optic cables as well as proper infrastructure in the country.

Schmidt did acknowledge that all was not lost and that in his meetings with a number of people it was evident that there is a huge commitment towards making things rights and doing away with the wrongs. He found that people are working towards establishing high speed networks through fiber optics and mobile networks across the country.

Google’s Chairman was of the viewpoint that the next big revolution will be smartphones and that majority of people would encounter Internet through the use of low cost yet powerful smartphones.