Google revealed that one out of every two people using internet watches video on the site. The monthly viewership of the website would definitely make You Tube world’s third largest country after China and India.

Considering the fact that Google had to face a lot of criticism for overpaying to acquire You Tube for a whopping $1.65 billion in 2006, this indeed is a great achievement as the online video site can be deemed as the number one site in this category.

PSY’s Gangnam Style was the first solo video on YouTube to cross 1 billion mark and became the first billion view video late last year.

This year You Tube has achieved many remarkable achievements. YouTube recently launched its new channel as well as talent search competition with Simon Cowell. Ridley Scott, the famous director will be producing 12 short films for Machinima which is YouTube’s top running channel. On Wednesday, Google also announced the top 100 Ad Age Brands in the world are running their ad campaigns on You Tube.

Not just YouTube but, Facebook is also a member of the billionaire user club. The social networking website in October 2012, reached 1 billion active users mark for the first time which has increased to 1.06 billion at the end of January this year.