According to The Verge Amazon is very keen in starting an on demand service very similar to the service provided by Spotify. Though the subscription business has not yet been proved profitable, Amazon along with some other companies has expressed their keen interest in joining the growing business.  

Amazon has reached out to a number of music companies with an idea to start an on demand subscription music service. Back in September last year The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple was in talks with many music label companies for its own version of a subscription based music service.

Last year, Amazon added some great new features to its cloud music storage services. Users of Amazon’s Cloud player can now stream, download as well as manage their online music library through Amazon servers. Recently, the company even designed a special iPhone application for its Cloud player and added ‘scan and match’ feature enabling Amazon to scan iTunes as well as Windows Media Player libraries of the user to match songs present in its catalogue. All the matched songs after scanning become available in Cloud Player.

Amazon has also announced its new ‘AutoRip’ which gives free digital versions of the CDs which a user buys from Amazon.