Announced back in November 2012, the embedded versions have been released as per schedule in the form of two primary SKUs. Microsoft’s Windows Embedded 8 is a modified and a componentized version of its desktop counterpart and comes with additional features and technologies that would enable the operating system platform to function on specialized devices like point of sale systems, handhelds, etc.

Windows Embedded 8 Pro is nothing but a full version of the desktop based Windows 8 operating system with software tweaks specifically meant to suit the needs of various embedded device manufacturers. The standard edition on the other hand allows vendors to strip out features from the operating system that they don’t require thereby making the operating system less bulky. The embedded versions can be downloaded from

Microsoft is also going to make available an industry version of the embedded operating system – The Windows Embedded 8 Industry starting first week of April.

Kevin Dallas, general manager of Windows Embedded, said “Windows Embedded 8 coupled with the full breadth of Microsoft technologies for intelligent systems helps enterprises gain lasting competitive advantages in retail, manufacturing, healthcare and a variety of industries.”