Captured over the course of one and a half years, the panoramic images were taken using a tripod, digital camera and fisheye lens. The resulting HDR photographs were then stitched into Google Maps for a more comprehensive look.

Dan Fredinburg wrote in his blog post that now with this new street view collection anyone can explore some of the highest and the most famous mountains in the world. The collection includes the highest mountains of the seven continents in the world including Africa’s Kilimanjaro, South America’s Aconcagua, Europe’s Mount Elbrus, Asia’s Everest Base Camp.

Fredinburg said that it’s nothing more adventurous and exciting than feeling the experience of standing on the peak of some of the highest mountains in the world. With Google Maps, now you can easily and quickly transport yourself to the peaks of world’s highest mountains and enjoy the beautiful sights without facing the difficulties like crevasses, rock slides, avalanches, and dangers from weather and altitude which mountaineers face while reaching the mountain peak, He added.

Sara Pelosi, an explorer and the people program manager of Google, during her trip to the Everest Base Camp with her team kept an ongoing and continuous journal offering a glimpse of her thoughts during her 12 day trip battling with several difficulties including an earth quake, snow storms, altitude sickness, flash floods and mud slides.

The entire collection can be downloaded on all iPhones and Android devices in Google maps through the Street View Gallery.