Initially to be launched in India on January 15, the Nexus 4 release was stalled till February 28. The launch was delayed the second time with the date set to March 25. Saholic, the retailer, through which the device was going to be available in India has now got a ‘Coming Soon’ notice instead of a date. Recently Google did comment about Nexus 4 and its availability in India but, didn’t mention anything specifically about the release date.

There were cases when Saholic mentioned April 30 as the release date but, this cannot be relied upon either. According to reports, the delay in Nexus 4 release date is due to a pricing dispute between Google and LG with LG demanding for a higher price for the phone in India as compared to other countries like U.S. However no official comments yet have been given by both LG and Google.

The failure of Nexus 4’s Indian release might result in a negative impact on the buyer’s demand for the handset as people will turn to alternative good smartphones from other companies like Sony Xperia Z, Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One. Further the delay in Nexus 4’s launch in India, lesser the interest it will garner in the market.